Biju Pandit is art. His innate talent cannot be separated from his identity. Art and creativity is so much more than what he does; it’s a vital part of who he is. With hands that were mastering instruments and illustrating as a child, and a mind that had him composing and publishing as a teen, his native skills grew with him, as did his evolution as a budding visionary.

Possessing an open and approachable demeanor, and the spirit of a natural leader, it is no surprise that Biju found himself surrounded by other creatives eager to join his team when he founded his own design firm. He understands the importance of building a team from the ground up and encouraging them to explore and hone their own passions and skills. Years of success guiding artists and developers while encouraging growth and inspiring loyalty make him a proven leader. However, what makes Biju truly stand apart from his contemporaries is his remarkable ability to manage the finest details of every project, be it fine tuning the brightness of a kicker or hair light on a film set, reworking the animated wisp of a falling leaf in the background of a motion design piece, or dialing back the reverb of the string section of a music score to achieve the perfect audio balance. He can do it all, and he is equally passionate about every aspect of his work.

Biju is a veritable encyclopedia of artistic knowledge and technological know-how. He has a track record of developing intuitive content with innovative branding and elegant presentation. What is showcased here is but a small sample of his native talents on display. Enjoy being immersed in the glow of his incredible creative vision.



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